PT Power System Indonesia

PT. Power System Indonesia started its operation as Engineering consulting for Power Plants and industrials, the company have been growth and was start to manufacturing Medium voltage Switchgear, Low Voltage Switchgear / MCC, and Unitized Package Substation (conventional and Walk in Type), Lighting Pole, Neutral Grounding Resistor and Neutral Grounding Transformer. The Company was certify for ISO 9001 - quality assurance system for manufacturing & service, and managed directly by professionally and technically qualified personnel who are having managerial and Technical experience over than 20 years in Companies involved in High/ Low Voltage Switchgear and MCC, The company has got adequate manufacturing and testing facilities and qualified and experienced personnel. The company is having a well organized R & D & QC Department with qualified and experienced Engineers and Technicians for evelopment and certification of new products.

Jasa Konsultan Engineeriing

PT Power System Indonesia merupakan konsultan engineeriing terkemuka di Indonesia. Kami memiliki tenaga ahli yang sudah berpengalaman dalam bidang engineeriing. Kami mengerjakan Engineering And Service (Design And Consultancy, Technical Services, Building Services, Earthing Design And Transient Analysis, Power Quality, Protection, Power System Analysis), Power System Studies (Load Flow and Power Factor Studies, Short Circuit Studies, Arc Flash Hazard Analysis, Coordination Studies, Harmonic Studies), dan lain lainnya. Sudah banyak proyek dari berbagai perusahaan yang kami kerjakan.